Avannaata Municipality leaves intermunicipal company

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Avannaata Municipality has unfortunately decided to leave the municipally co-owned waste company ESANI A/S. This means that going forward, the company will be co-owned by Qeqqata, Kujalleq, Qeqertalik and Sermersooq, which will in solidarity, share the costs of the transport and removal of waste. “We are disappointed that Avannaata Municipality has chosen to leave the project. The main goal of the establishment of an intermunicipal waste company is to create uniformity in relation to the disposal of waste,” says Frank Rasmussen Director at ESANI A/S. “The disposal of waste has been a problem for many years for all of the municipalities in the country. A problem we are working together to solve. The more multiplicities collaborating in the work, the better we can streamline and optimise the process, and at the end of the day, make our towns and settlements cleaner and greener, for the benefit of residents and tourists,” says Frank Rasmussen. It is not known how Avannaata Municipality plans t solve its waste disposal problem in the future, but Frank Rasmussen emphasises that Avannaata Municipality can rejoin ESANI at any time.