North Viking makes first successful collection of waste

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North Viking makes first successful collection of waste

This week, ESANI A/S’ trial waste collection ship – the North Viking – dropped anchor at RAL’s container wharf with a full cargo of 905 tonnes of waste transported from the East Coast. The journey to and from Tasiilaq has gone well and everyone at ESANI A/S considers this first waste collection operation to have been a success


Temporary storage and repository for waste

From now on, waste will be collected from Greenland’s other towns and settlements and in accordance with the plan, will be stored in a waste repository facility in Nuuk and incinerated in the existing incineration plant until the new incineration plants are ready. A waste repository facility will also be built at Sisimiut. The two waste repository facilities in Nuuk and Sisimiut are planned to be ready for use during the autumn of 2019 and spring of 2020. At Sisimiut, the packaged waste will then be stored in the waste repository until it can be incinerated in the new incineration plant.

The ship is loaded with metal

After unloading the waste from Tasiilaq, North Viking is now on its way to Grenå in Denmark with a heavy load of 1106 tonnes of metal and iron waste, which will be used by Stena Recycling. In relation to both the unloading and loading of the ship, much praise must be given to RAL for the use of their container wharf and to the contractors Larsen og Co, Byens Entreprenør Arctic Transport and Godthåb Transportservice – all of whom assisted with the unloading and loading.

After the journey to Denmark, the North Viking will as planned, sail to the East Coast and North Greenland where it will collect waste and more metal waste.